Herb and pepper chicken salad

Steaks of chicken breast, seasoned with sea salt and coarsely-ground black pepper, sprinkled with chopped fresh thyme, then fried gently in butter until golden on both sides.  I had some leftover duck breast, so tossed that in as well once the chicken was almost cooked.  Served with grated carrot and beetroot, shredded Little Gem, diced cucumber and sliced spring onions.

Served with a side dish of triple-cooked new potato chips and some herb-crusted roasted tomatoes

Pigeon breasts with mustard sauce

Pigeon breasts, seasoned, then pan-fried in butter until browned outside but very rare in the middle.  Rested for two minutes, then sliced and served on a bed of chopped spring cabbage cooked with tarragon and lime juice.  Brown rice and wild rice cooked in salted water and glazed with a splash of olive oil.  Sauce of shallots fried in olive oil until browned, then mixed with chopped oregano, ground mustard and paprika, a drip of wine and a good glug of soya cream and cooked until thickened.

Wild duck raised pie

Hot water crust pastry made with beef dripping and a mix of potato, rice and soya flour, pressed into a mould and raised.  Brace of wild ducks, breasts fried in butter until crisp on the outside but still rare, then sliced into 6mm thick steaks.  Rest of the carcase cooked in red wine and herbs in a covered pan until falling apart.  Removed the remaining meat and added to fried onions and the breast meat, with the remaining juices.  Seasoned and cooked for a few minutes, then drained.  Filled the pie with layers of breast meat, carcase trimmings and smoked bacon.  Reduced the juices and poured over the filling.  Made a top for the pie and sealed it. Preheated oven to 200C, then reduced to 170C for 40 mins.

Rested the pie for 10 minutes before serving.  Served with shredded steamed sweetheart cabbage, chopped carrots and a thick onion gravy,

(pastry: 125g dripping, 400g mixed non-wheat flours, 150ml non-dairy cream and water.)


Those tiny wild duck breasts browning in the pan

Duck breast with plum sauce

Duck breasts, fried for 90 seconds each side, then roasted for 25 minutes in the oven on a bed of chopped garlic and bruised rosemary leaves.  Plum sauce made by simmering halved and stoned plums in apple juice and red wine.  Remove half the fruit when it is soft and puree the rest with the juice.  Reduce a little, then pour a pool of the sauce on each plate, add one or two plum halves. Rest the meat for 5 minutes.  Fry some chestnut mushrooms in the meat juices.  Slice the meat diagonally and arrange on top of the sauce.

Serve with creamed mashed parsnips, steamed kale (or spinach) and chopped carrots in tarragon butter.

Pheasant roadkill roast

Roast pheasant, plucked, drawn, coated in thyme and sea salt (and cooked by Caroline!), served with garden beans, new potato, mashed carrots with honey and buttered mashed parsnips with cracked black peppercorns and a sticky, dark, meaty gravy