Caramelised onion and potato tart

Shortcrust pastry case made with butter, with  a layer of onions and shallots fried in olive oil until nicely browned, then a layer of new potato slices, cut fine on a mandoline.  Eggs, beaten with sea salt, soya cream, lots of chopped thyme, paprika and ground black pepper, poured over the potatoes and onions.  Baked 35 mins at 180C until the potatoes were soft and the pastry nicely golden.

Beef and vegetable curry

Onions, celery, new potatoes, tomatoes and carrots, cubed and fried in olive oil until taking some colour.  Added cubed aubergine, crushed garlic, chopped root ginger and chopped herbs, cooked for a few more minutes..  Added curry paste (lazy…) and stirred to coat everything well. Deglazed with a splash of wine, then added beef stock.  Simmered until the carrots and potato were nearly cooked and half the fluid had evaporated.  Added strips of cooked beef brisket, cooked a further 10 minutes

Lentil and nut salad with smoked mackerel pâté

Salad of shredded cos lettuce, diced cucumber, celery and sweet pepper, with chopped walnuts, grated Nantes carrots, chopped figs, shavings of red cabbage and cubed avocado. Green lentils cooked in stock, then drained and chilled, mixed with the salad.  Dressing of finely diced salad onion, marinated in lemon juice for an hour, then mixed with walnut oil, cream, black pepper, chopped anchovies, mustard and fiercely hot pickled garlic. Slice of tomato on top for colour.

Pâté made from flaked smoked mackerel, soya cream, pepper, chilli-infused oil, anchovies, French mustard, liquidised with melted butter and chopped onion heated for a few minutes in a heavy copper pan.  The pâté was pressed into ramekins and sealed with melted butter, cooked for a minute with chopped parsley, coarsely-ground black pepper and finely-chopped red chilli, then poured over the pate and chilled.

Served on thin slices of Caroline’s freshly-made bread