Hog roast

To raise funds for the Asselby Jubilee Fund, the village had a Hog Roast at our neighbours’ house, with live music and a bar and piles of home-cooked food.

For the hogroast, we used a 54kg local pig, scored, massaged with oil and lemon juice, seasoned with salt, then roasted slowly on an industrial-scale motorised spit over an open timber fire for 8 hours.  Using an infra-red thermometer, I kept the skin at about 100-110C after an initial scorching. After 4 hours, checked internal temp of the flanks, hams and shoulder and adjusted the fires to even out the cooking and get the internal temp to about 73C.

After 6 hours, squeezed a few lemons over the carcase and strewed with a bit more salt and a lot of chopped rosemary and thyme.  Every 15 mins after that, added two large handfuls of oak shavings to the fire along with a few sprigs of rosemary.

Finished off for the last half hour by raising the fire and burning dry oak, chopped into sticks and given plenty of air to get a long flame to crisp the crackling.  20 minutes before serving, removed the fire and wrapped the pig in foil to rest.

Getting the skin at a constant temp seemed to work really well, the meat was juicy and the texture excellent.

Raspberry rum baba

250g flour
30g honey
6 eggs
150g melted unsalted butter
10g dried yeast
pinch of salt

Make a batter from all ingredients apart from the butter, then beat in the butter.  Fill tart tins or savarin moulds about half full, leave to rise until doubled in size then cook 11 mins at 180C.

Dissolve 250g Muscovado sugar in a third of a bottle or dark rum.  I used cheap dark rum and added a bit of extra rum flavouring.  Grate the zest of an orange and some vanilla, add about half a.litre of boiling water and bring to a simmer, until most of the alcohol has gone.

Once the cakes are cool, dip in the hot liquor for half a minute.  I took off the top of the cakes to make them more absorbent. Stand on a shallow tray and allow to soak up the remaining syrup.  When cold, serve upside down, surrounded by a pool of cream flavoured with a little orange juice. Put some whipped, sweetened cream on top and stick as many freshly-picked raspberries as possible to the top.  Dredge with icing sugar, and sprinkle finely-shredded mint leaves on the pool of cream.  Serves at least 12 (I made 15 from that quantity)

Based on a recipe by Martin Wishart