Hog roast

To raise funds for the Asselby Jubilee Fund, the village had a Hog Roast at our neighbours’ house, with live music and a bar and piles of home-cooked food.

For the hogroast, we used a 54kg local pig, scored, massaged with oil and lemon juice, seasoned with salt, then roasted slowly on an industrial-scale motorised spit over an open timber fire for 8 hours.  Using an infra-red thermometer, I kept the skin at about 100-110C after an initial scorching. After 4 hours, checked internal temp of the flanks, hams and shoulder and adjusted the fires to even out the cooking and get the internal temp to about 73C.

After 6 hours, squeezed a few lemons over the carcase and strewed with a bit more salt and a lot of chopped rosemary and thyme.  Every 15 mins after that, added two large handfuls of oak shavings to the fire along with a few sprigs of rosemary.

Finished off for the last half hour by raising the fire and burning dry oak, chopped into sticks and given plenty of air to get a long flame to crisp the crackling.  20 minutes before serving, removed the fire and wrapped the pig in foil to rest.

Getting the skin at a constant temp seemed to work really well, the meat was juicy and the texture excellent.

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