DSC_6893Beef sirloin leftovers, cut into batons and fried in duck fat until browned. Sauce of onions, caramelised then cooked down with chopped chestnut mushrooms and chopped rosemary for 15 mins.  Added splash of sherry and a glug of white wine, reduced and then added rich beef stock and crushed white pepper. Thickened with a little leftover mashed potato.

Swede, cut into chunks, boiled then mashed, roughly mixed with leftover crushed carrots, sea salt and black pepper.

Aubergine chunks and chopped tomatoes, mixed with garlic, chopped thyme and sea salt.  Roasted for 40 minutes at 210C.

Parboiled potatoes, cubed and bashed about, drizzled with olive oil and sea salt and roasted for 35 minutes at 210C until browned at the edges.

Garden squash cubed, tossed in a little walnut oil then sprinkled with caraway and cumin seed and roasted foir 45 minutes at 210C.

White cabbage heart, chopped and steamed with tarragon and white pepper.

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