Raspberry and mulberry honey snap

Brandy snap basket made with honey (50g flour, 50g butter, 50g honey, 25g white sugar, 25g soft brown sugar, chopped crystallised ginger, ground ginger, juice of a lemon, spooned on to a Silpat and baked 7 mins at 180C) then draped over a non-stick tart dish until cooled. Filled with fresh Autumn raspberries, ice cream, grated dark chocolate and cream. Served wth a slice of honey-glazed pear (cut on a mandoline) with fresh mulberries.

Cheese and tomato tarts

Puff pastry tart with pesto, tomato slices, cheese, more tomatoes, more cheese, herbs, sea salt and anchovy fillets.  Baked 15 mins at 220C.  Served with glazed carrot batons and French beans, both straight from the garden, crushed peas, butternut squash roasted with caraway seeds, steamed spinach, also from the garden, and (missing from the photo..) mashed, buttered parsnips, a thick Hollandaise sauce and a parmesan crisp with crushed pepper and smoked paprika.

Tomato and celery soup with potato nests

Onions, celery, diced carrot and red pepper, fried in olive oil until the onions were golden. Six cloves of garlic, crushed and chopped, added along with chopped thyme, black pepper and sea salt and fried gently for a minute. Added a glug of white wine, then a couple of pounds of Caroline’s cherry tomatoes.  Topped up with stock, simmered for 15 mins, then blitzed with a stick blender.

Potato strings made with my Spirooli, salted and deep-fried until golden, then dropped into the soup with a sprinkle of shredded basil.

Apple and blackberry flapjack crumble

Dessert apples, chopped roughly and sprinkled with the juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of honey and three of strawberry jam. Simmered for a few minutes with frozen blackberries.

Crumble made with 75g flour, 60g soft brown sugar, 75g butter, 120g rolled jumbo oats, 20g or so of golden syrup, teaspoon of ground cinnamon and a handful of chopped walnuts.

Rubbed in flour, butter, cinnamon and oats, added sugar, rubbed in more, then stirred in walnuts and finally the syrup. Fruit and juice put into a ceramic dish and levelled.  Crumble mix sprinkled on top.  Baked 35 mins at 190C.  Rested for 10 mins.

Roasted butternut soup

Butternut squash, peeled and cubed then tossed in olive oil, sea salt, pepper and chopped rosemary and roasted for 40 minutes until browning nicely. Onions, peppers, celery and carrot, sauteed with a little olive oil.and chopped thyme until the onions were golden. Added the roasted squash and topped up with stock. Simmered for 5 minutes, then blitzed to a creamy consistency.  Served with shredded basil and smoked paprika.

Vegetable curry with rice noodles

Sort of a Rogan Josh without the lamb or any vestige of authenticity.  Just fancied something to remind me of when I lived in Birmingham, next to Sparkbrook and Sparkhill, centre of the Balti universe.

Roasted and fried spices, ground dried chillies, chopped fresh red chilli, browned onions, oil, carrot, celery and red pepper. Bit of stock added then reduced to stickiness.  Roughly-chopped beefsteak tomato thrown in at the last minute with chopped parsley. The noodles are actually organic rice spaghetti.  Boiled for 11 mins, then tossed with a little butter and some chopped herbs.  The chillies really came through, lots of flavour as well as serious heat.